Question: Why are ENTPs so attractive?

Why are ENTP so attractive?

Moreover, ENTPs are not very concerned with social expectations or what people are “supposed to” do with their lives. They seek environments that support creative growth. Their confidence and humor usually makes them attractive to others, as long as they dont inadvertently hurt the more sensitive people around them.

Who is most attracted to ENTPs?

ENTP. 20% of ENTPs listed themselves as most attracted to INTJs. 15% listed themselves as most attracted to ENFPs. 10% listed themselves as most attracted to INFJs.

What makes an Entp cry?

Most ENTPs put on a rather hard exterior, but are actually very warm on the inside. They care about people, which can sometimes cause them to become emotional over sad videos or movie scenes. For the most part though, ENTPs only find themselves crying in extreme situations.

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