Question: Where to meet people in New York City?

How do I meet new people in NYC?

How to Meet New People in NYCCheck out NYC Meetup groups.Explore local happenings with Eventbrite events.Join a private social club in NYC.Enroll in a class.Get involved in NYC volunteer opportunities.Join an NYC networking event.Meet people at a gym near you.

How do I meet rich people in NYC?

To help you land your very own Rockefeller, Haute Living has rounded up the top spots to meet wealthy men in NYC.NIGHTCLUBS. This one may seem obvious, but swanky nightclubs are prime places to meet affluent gents. LOUNGES. Shy men tend to gravitate away from pulsating nightclubs. SPORTING EVENTS. JUICE BARS.Jun 12, 2014

How do I make friends at 30?

Heres how to go about it.Tap friends of friends. Network for friends the way youd network for job. Compliment someone. Want a great ice breaker? Be consistent. Use an app. Get real real fast. Reconnect with old friends. Keep your expectations low. Make the time.More items •Sep 12, 2016

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