Question: Is Asin love marriage?

From 2012, she entered a dry spell and did not have any big hits. Then, in 2016, she married Rahul Sharma, co-founder Micromax and was blessed with a daughter, whom they named Arin, in 2017. She quit acting when she was still a name to reckon with and settled into blissful matrimony.

Who is Asin married to?

Rahul Sharmam. 2016 Asin/Spouse

Who is the wife of Rahul Sharma?

Asinm. 2016 Rahul Sharma/Wife Rahul Sharma and his actress wife Asin were blessed with a baby girl last month - and thats the reason behind his all-day-long wide grin.

Who married Micromax owner?

Rahul Sharma Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma sure knows how to keep his lady love happy. To bring in his wife, actress Asins birthday, Sharma went all out.

Where is actress Asin now?

Asin is a Catholic Christian belonging to the Syro-Malabar rite, and currently resides in Mumbai. She also owns an apartment in Marine Drive, Kochi and a farmhouse in Vagamon, Kerala. The actress is a polyglot.

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