Question: Why do people go to Antalya?

The area around the city is known as the Turkish Riviera for a good reason. It experiences hot and dry summers and mild rainy winters and a typically Mediterranean climate throughout the year. Antalya on average experiences around 300 sunny days every year, making it a great spot for Sun worshippers.

Can you drink the water in Antalya?

Just like other major cities in Turkey, Antalya tap water is safe to drink. Most locals that have an old piping network are using the home filter for extra safety. The authority recommends replacing the old pipe that can produce lead.

What is the best water to drink in Turkey?

Tap water is generally safe to consume. However, the locals widely prefer to drink bottled water over tap water, due to the hardness and taste of tap water, especially in urban areas of the country. The tap water in Turkey is pretreated to make it safe for consumption.

Can you eat ice in Turkey?

The ice cubes you get in your drinks are ok, too, because theyre made out of mineral water.

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