Question: Can you tell the age of Chinese porcelain?

How do you read Chinese porcelain marks?

Of all Chinese porcelain marks, reign marks are generally the easiest markings to read as they follow a set format. On each six-character reign mark, the first two characters indicate the dynasty, the second two characters give the name of the Emperor, and the last two characters translate to “made for”.

How can you tell if a Chinese vase is valuable?

Valuable Chinese vases can be distinguished by the quality and finesse of their decoration. The work done on them is much more precise than on an ordinary object. The subject matter is also important (the taste for certain themes can be influenced by cultural events highlighting a specific period).

When was pottery marked Made in China?

The mark first appeared in the Kangxi period and became popular in the Late Qing to the Early Republic period (1900-1950).

How do you identify Chinese export porcelain?

Look for the typical small black spots and pin holes on the surface typical of Chinese export porcelain of the 18th and early 19th century, along with a slight grayish color to the paste itself. There are some obvious fakes around.

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