Question: Who are the cheerleaders on the Dallas Cowboys?

What are the names of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders?

They include:Tina Hernandez (1977–78), actress, CHiPs TV Series (1982–1983)Tami Barber (1977–80), actress.Janet Fulkerson (1980–82), actress.Judy Trammell (1980–84), Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders current choreographer, mother of DCC Cassie Trammell (2008-2012)More items

What is the average weight of a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader?

What is the ideal weight for a cheerleader? And the new weight standard was 120 pounds for any cheerleader under six feet. Advocates of weight standards tend to mitigate the effect of those standards as a risk factor for eating disorders.

How much is Brandi from Real Housewives of Dallas worth?

Next up is mother of four Brandi Redmond, who is said to be worth $4 million due to not only her fashion line, Brandi Lane, but also husband Bryan Redmonds multi-million dollar real estate business, Suntext Ventures.

How much does a Dallas cheerleader earn?

The standard pay for a cheerleader is $150 per home game and around $50-75 for public appearances on behalf of the franchise, which can include school visits, conferences and corporate events.

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