Question: Why cant I delete Bumble account?

Why cant I delete my account on Bumble?

You can delete a Bumble account by hitting Delete at the bottom of your accounts Settings menu. Once you delete your Bumble account, it cant be restored, and youll need to make a new one. If you want to keep your Bumble Bizz and BFF profiles, you can just disable Date Mode instead.

How do I delete my bumble account 2020?

How to delete Bumble:Log in to Bumble.Tap the “Profile” icon in the upper left of the screen.Then, tap the “Settings” icon in the upper left of the screen.Tap “Delete Account” at the very bottom of the screen.Select the reason for deleting your account.Confirm the action by tapping “Delete Account”More items

How long does Bumble take to delete account?

Be sure to specify that youd like your account to be deleted or erased. This process can take up to 30 days to be completed and will require our team to verify your identity to confirm you are the account owner and have a right to make such a request.

What happens if someone deleted their Bumble?

A deleted member in Bumble simply means that the person has deactivated their profile and can no longer be contacted. Even if the same person creates an entirely new profile, they will not be able to access their conversation they had with you before, youll need to rematch with them.

Does a deleted user on Bumble mean they blocked you?

No, as the person doesnt have access to her account anymore, Bumble wont allow you to text her and you wont be able to see her profile as well, as her pictures and any information on her bio has also been deleted.

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