Question: Do you want your best friend to date someone else?

What to do if your two best friends want to date each other?

Sure, it can be crazy at first when two of your best friends start dating, but here are seven ways you can cope.Know Youre Not A Third Wheel. Bring Another Friend To Hang Out. Try To Not Take Sides When They Fight. Understand They Need Their Alone Time. Speak Up When You Feel Like Theyre Drifting Away.More items •Jul 21, 2017

How do you get two best friends together?

4 Things To Remember When You Are Setting Two People UpMake sure you know the two people well. This one is an essential point - you shouldnt rush to bring two people together who wont be a good match. Make sure the two people have common likes. Let them know the situation. Keep it casual.Sep 7, 2018

How do you deal with a best friend who has a girlfriend?

What To Do When Your Best Guy Friend Gets A GirlfriendBe nice and socialize: Even when shes being mean to you, dont get down to her immature level. Make sure that she knows that theres nothing fishy going on: Fill your life with other friendships/relationships:

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