Question: When did the first Fiesta dinnerware come out?

FIESTA, Americas favorite dinnerware, was introduced by The Homer Laughlin China Company with great fanfare at the Pittsburgh China & Glass Show in January, 1936. FIESTA was the creation of Frederick Hurten Rhead, a second generation Stoke-on-Trent potter who had become Homer Laughlins design director in 1927.

When did Fiesta ware start?

1871, Newell, West Virginia, United States Homer Laughlin China Company/Founded

How do you date Fiesta ware?

This is HLCs date coding system which it has used since the 1960s. The letters AA indicate 1986 , BB indicates 1987 , CC indicates 1988 , and so on. The last letter indicates what quarter of the year an item was made. Therefore, A represents the first quarter, followed by B, C and D.

How long has Fiesta ware been around?

1936 The company currently has around 800 employees. Over the years, the company has produced a number of different brands for both the consumer market and the food service industry. Fiesta was first introduced in 1936, and today remains the companys flagship brand.

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